Make it Play!

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Feldiken's first family music album - Make it Play is now available! Make it Play has eleven songs for parents and kids to enjoy together. The songs are funny, lively and inspiring. You can download it here.


Feldiken recorded with The Boynes Family Ensemble - a father, mother and two daughter gospel singing group. They've sung beautiful backup vocals on a few songs on Make it Play.


Feldiken's songs take you by surprise and also feel immediately familiar -- making the personal completely universal.


Feldiken always loved playing with young people, especially through music.

There is nothing like the sound of young voices
and Feldiken hoped to capture a bit of that on this album.

The Rockdoves have also sung lovely backup vocals on "This is Your World," one of the songs on this album. Two songs have already been played on "Tot Radio" and "Captain Jellybean Radio." Many second graders have learned to sing these songs.

Feldiken wrote and sang some of the songs from Make it Play with second, third and fourth graders at public elementary schools in Manhattan and Brooklyn.